Friday, February 11, 2011

Sophia 15 months

She's still our little peanut! I love this last picture. She was trying to smile for the camera and the flash made her blink.
She hasn't had her 15 month well child check yet. She was sick earlier and she couldn't get her shots. I'm guessing she's 20 lbs. maybe a little more.
She's talking all the time and she loves tackling her big brother. She'll let you know when she's mad. She's pretty hilarious and loves to make her daddy laugh.

Christmas Performance

He did such a great job and then it came time for the colored fabric ( couldn't think of what to call it). He asked for green and they gave him a different color and he started to cry. It was the saddest face and I wanted to go grab him. They ran back and gave him green, but he was still sad. Poor kid. It was good for him to learn that he can't have what he wants all the time. I felt bad for taking pictures of him being sad though.

Josiah's 4th Birthday

Josiah had a Toy Story birthday party. Unfortunately, I can't find pictures of him opening presents and playing. He had his 4 year check up and all is good. He's 50% in height and weight. We are working on eating more veggies and new things. He doesn't like to try new things, so it's been a battle.
He loves trains, puzzles, books. He loves movies, computer games and making his own books.
He likes to tell me a story and have me write it down. Then we staple it together and he draws the pictures. He's pretty imaginative.