Monday, August 31, 2009

My Silly Boy

-Josiah has been quite silly lately with some of the things he comes up with. Last night he came out of his room just thirty minutes after I put him down for bedtime and he says to me, "I've slept all day." He even said it in a fitting tone.
-We've been watching Frosty the Snowman (unfortunately for me) and soon after he'll check the window to see if it's snowing. A couple days ago, when it was hot and sunny, he said, "Mommy it's snowing for three days."
-Josiah has a blue stool that helps him get up in his bed. He's been using it as a stage to perform on. He says to us, "Let's sing songs...turn off the TV." So then he sings a song which is usually some made up song. The other day it was him singing the words to some books he has memorized. After he's done he tells us to say, "Yay, " so we do and then he takes a bow. I have no idea where he learned the bow but it's pretty funny. I have a video of it but haven't figure out how to get it on the computer yet. I'll have to get Nick to put it on here for me.
-One of the times he was on his stool he couldn't think of which song to sing. I said to him, "How about twinkle little star." He says to me, "What a great idea Mommy."
-This last week of using the potty has been great. #2 is coming along but we still have accidents. After he has an accident I usually ask him where the poopoo is supposed to go and he'll tell me the potty. Then he'll say, "I sorry." One time this week I forgot to say, "it's okay," so he looks at me sad and says, "mommy, you say it's okay." Kinda funny...he needed the reassurance. He's such a little sweetie.
Those are just a few silly stories from the boy this last week.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Update on Lisa

Since a lot of my family knows Lisa Caynor I will keep posting updates for you to see.

Another CT scan corroborated the scan taken in Huahin – there is no intracranial bleeding, but there is brain swelling. Lisa is in ICU in stable but critical condition in an induced coma for hypothermal therapy in order to maintain a slow body state and cool her body temperature for the brain swelling to subside. Dr. Yot inserted a pressure monitor into Lisa’s skull to confirm the high pressure and to monitor it. She is receiving medication to reduce the brain swelling. She did not suffer any other external or internal injuries that the doctors are aware of at this time. Dr. Yot plans to keep her in the induced coma for at least five days and projects the brain swelling will peak 36 to 48 hours after the injury. She is entering that window of time right now. Her vital signs continue to be good.
Kristen and Ricky remain at the hospital in Petchaburi a couple hours outside of Bangkok to receive treatment for their injuries. Kristen is suffering a lot of pain in her lower back and pelvis. Rick and the kids look forward to being reunited again this weekend as soon as the kids are discharged from the hospital and can go to Bangkok.
After seeing the car, which was wrapped around a pole, they couldn't believe anyone came out alive. A big praise was having a fellow missionary, whom we met when we were in Thailand, come home from furlow just a day before the accident. He is a medical doctor and will be able to oversee what's going on. Lisa is at a very high tech, respected hospital in Bangkok so she is in good hands.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Prayer for my dear friend Lisa

Lisa Caynor whom I've grown up with was in a serious car accident in Thailand. Her and her two kids were in the car and swerved to miss a motorcycle and ran off the road. She is unconscious and was put into an induced coma. The two kids are fine but have some broken bones.
They have drilled a hole in her head to relieve some pressure and have ruled out any spinal injuries.
This family is very dear to us and we are praying that she will be okay. Please pray for her!

Benton County Fair 2009

Toys Josiah won

Pick a duck game

family pic

Josiah and his friend Brayden

Daddy and Josiah

We went to the fair this year with our friends the Blackards. Josiah and Brayden always have a great time together. Josiah liked everything but wouldn't go on any rides, but that was okay because the prices were outrageous -$3 a ride. We played some games so he could win a couple stuffed animals. He loved the duck game-you pick a duck and it has a S,M, L, or XL on the bottom to decide which size of toy you win. Josiah picked a S and so Nick flipped a whole bunch over and they were all S's-go figure. We had a great time and I was so glad the weather was perfect!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oregon Coast Trip

We had fun riding this surrey around Seaside

We took Josiah on a camping trip to the Oregon coast. It was pretty much the only time we could get away just the three of us before the baby comes. We did whatever Josiah wanted to do this weekend. It was a lot of fun with the boy and I wish we would've got some pictures of him in the tent. He absolutely loved the tent and his new sleeping bag.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Random pictures & Updates

Showing off his muscles and thomas underwear
and again

Josiah watching a movie while not feeling well.
So all of us have been sick at some point this month. First it was Josiah but it only lasted about two days. Then Nick got sick and we ended up cancelling our trip to beach. Then I get sick which is no surprise with my horrible immune system. For the past month and a half I've been coughing and have been a little congested. I didn't think much because congestion can be a part of pregnancy. Anyway...I thought I was getting over it until after Nick was sick and it came even worse then before. Monday was a bad day of not being able to eat because I was coughing so hard that I would gag (sorry for this). I called my doctor and he ordered me a perscription of antibiotics since I haven't been able to get over it in a month. I've been feeling much better and can't wait to stop coughing.
In the midst of all this we are still working with Josiah to be FULLY potty trained on his own. We have plenty of accident free days but need to work on #2 and getting him to tell us when we are out of the house. Today he actually did great at Walmart and told us he had to go potty. It was bad timing and I asked him if he could hold it until we got home and he said yes and he actually did. So great job buddy! I was scared with being sick and not working on potty training that he would regress but thankfully that didn't happen. It's been quite the process with a strong willed child but I know he won't be going #2 in his pants in kindergarten so whatever.
Today I had a check up with my OB doctor and everything is going great. Time is flying by and in just seven weeks we'll be scheduling the c-section...unless I go into labor before then, which is very unlikely.
I am looking forward to this weekend because we will be heading to the beach where it's cooler and can have some quality family time together.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The boys dancing

Josiah loves to dance with his daddy. It's fun for me to watch and this time I got some pictures. Josiah made Nick wear one of his toys as a hat in case you were trying to figure out what was on his head.