Saturday, August 29, 2009

Update on Lisa

Since a lot of my family knows Lisa Caynor I will keep posting updates for you to see.

Another CT scan corroborated the scan taken in Huahin – there is no intracranial bleeding, but there is brain swelling. Lisa is in ICU in stable but critical condition in an induced coma for hypothermal therapy in order to maintain a slow body state and cool her body temperature for the brain swelling to subside. Dr. Yot inserted a pressure monitor into Lisa’s skull to confirm the high pressure and to monitor it. She is receiving medication to reduce the brain swelling. She did not suffer any other external or internal injuries that the doctors are aware of at this time. Dr. Yot plans to keep her in the induced coma for at least five days and projects the brain swelling will peak 36 to 48 hours after the injury. She is entering that window of time right now. Her vital signs continue to be good.
Kristen and Ricky remain at the hospital in Petchaburi a couple hours outside of Bangkok to receive treatment for their injuries. Kristen is suffering a lot of pain in her lower back and pelvis. Rick and the kids look forward to being reunited again this weekend as soon as the kids are discharged from the hospital and can go to Bangkok.
After seeing the car, which was wrapped around a pole, they couldn't believe anyone came out alive. A big praise was having a fellow missionary, whom we met when we were in Thailand, come home from furlow just a day before the accident. He is a medical doctor and will be able to oversee what's going on. Lisa is at a very high tech, respected hospital in Bangkok so she is in good hands.

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