Monday, August 31, 2009

My Silly Boy

-Josiah has been quite silly lately with some of the things he comes up with. Last night he came out of his room just thirty minutes after I put him down for bedtime and he says to me, "I've slept all day." He even said it in a fitting tone.
-We've been watching Frosty the Snowman (unfortunately for me) and soon after he'll check the window to see if it's snowing. A couple days ago, when it was hot and sunny, he said, "Mommy it's snowing for three days."
-Josiah has a blue stool that helps him get up in his bed. He's been using it as a stage to perform on. He says to us, "Let's sing songs...turn off the TV." So then he sings a song which is usually some made up song. The other day it was him singing the words to some books he has memorized. After he's done he tells us to say, "Yay, " so we do and then he takes a bow. I have no idea where he learned the bow but it's pretty funny. I have a video of it but haven't figure out how to get it on the computer yet. I'll have to get Nick to put it on here for me.
-One of the times he was on his stool he couldn't think of which song to sing. I said to him, "How about twinkle little star." He says to me, "What a great idea Mommy."
-This last week of using the potty has been great. #2 is coming along but we still have accidents. After he has an accident I usually ask him where the poopoo is supposed to go and he'll tell me the potty. Then he'll say, "I sorry." One time this week I forgot to say, "it's okay," so he looks at me sad and says, "mommy, you say it's okay." Kinda funny...he needed the reassurance. He's such a little sweetie.
Those are just a few silly stories from the boy this last week.

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