Wednesday, September 2, 2009

C-section Scheduled

I went to my OB today for a checkup. I am 31 weeks along, the heartbeat sounds great and the baby is in the transverse position. And unexpectedly the doctor scheduled my c-section.
This time I'll be delivering at Lourdes Hospital and it will be on October 26th at 7:30 am. I thought he was gonna wait 5 more weeks to schedule with the hospital but he said we might as well do it now. So that is the date the baby will be due unless of course my OB notices any changes in my cervix. If that happens he'll schedule sooner because they don't want me to go into labor.
So things are moving a long and it's nice to have a date set. Can't wait to meet the little one!

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Parker's Mommy said...

How exciting Meg! Let me know if you need anything at all. What a blessing a little girl will be!