Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Boys

Josiah watched this show called "Pinky Doo" once and in the show they go into a story box and she makes up a story. So Josiah decided to make his own story box. It was pretty funny when he asked me to sit in there with him. He does a good job of making up stories though. I guess Elmo was the only friend who could fit inside the box.

This has been a frequent sight of mine. Since Nick has had diverticulitis he's been very tired and in pain and so he needs to rest a lot. Josiah loves to be with his daddy and knows he has to be gentle around daddy when he's having problems. So Josiah will usually just chill out with Nick on the love sac (that's the chair their sitting on and yes that's the real name if you hadn't heard of it). I think it's pretty cute to see them relaxing, usually watching Jeopardy together.

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