Friday, October 31, 2008

Our New Home

After nine months of looking at houses, we finally found and bought our first home! We moved in the beginning of September and quickly painted the entire inside of the house. It is now a light brown color instead of the pale yellow I couldn't stand. We also had to do a lot of work on the yard. I swear the people before us never pulled a weed. They also planted about 30 sunflowers which were blocking the sidewalk next to our house. We removed those as fast as we could, well, Nick removed them. But I also did my fair share of weeding and helping Nick pull out ugly plants. There's still a lot we could do with the yard, but we are gonna wait till winter is over.
We are happy to have a place of our own. Josiah has especially enjoyed the house, because it is so much bigger than he's been used to. He can now run all over the house unlike before!

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