Monday, February 23, 2009

Sweet Kid

Josiah has been especially sweet lately. I would like to say he is sweet all the time, but being a extremely outgoing two year old boy, he can be a little pill at times.
He does really well with saying thankyou to us. Lately, he will say thank you when we give him something or let him watch a show and then five or ten minutes later he will come to us and say, "thank you, mommy and daddy." Sometimes he will do it over and over. It's pretty cute.
Another cute story...
Every evening when Nick gets home we hear the garage door go up. Josiah always yells, "Daddy home." Well the other morning, Nick went to get Josiah out of his crib and Josiah all sleepy says, "Daddy Home." Seems like Josiah was a little confused on what part of the day it was, but Nick really loved it.

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