Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Smiling Sophia and Josiah's New Years party

Sophia has been growing a lot lately. She hasn't been to the doctor in a month. I'm guessing she's about 10lb 5oz and 23 in. She'll be three months on the 26th of January. She's been smiling all the time, especially when Josiah is talking to her.
The pictures of Josiah are of him at the Children's museum for a "Happy Noon Year" party. Since the kids are in bed by midnight they decided to throw a party for them at Noon. It was pretty cute actually. They made noisemakers and had a countdown. Only problem was it was so crowded. The tricities really only has one thing for kids and so it seemed like every kid in the tricities was there. Not good. Josiah had fun though.

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Castle Diaries said...

Sophia is a doll!! I love her grins! Hopefully I will get to meet her at Feb. MOPS. :)