Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day!

This mother's day was especially fun. I think because last year Josiah couldn't really say "Mother's Day." This year he ran up to me with a card that he and daddy had made for me. He was saying, "Happy Mother's Day" over and over again. It was really sweet!
Nick and Josiah took me out to breakfast and then we went for a two hour walk in the park. Josiah especially loved throwing rocks in the water. It was such a nice day outside. I wish I would've taken my camera. Nick and Josiah were both wearing hats and it was so cute when they were throwing time.
Our small group meets on Sunday nights and all the husbands sent their wives to get manicures and pedicures while they babysat the boys (maybe we'll add a baby girl to this group). That was a great treat for us!! Thanks Nick for the nail treatments and for the maternity clothes you bought me, much needed as I'm starting to pop out. You're the greatest husband!
Thanks to Josiah for the sweet card and for being the greatest son. I'm so glad to be your mother and so thankful God put you in my life!!

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