Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Weekend in Salem

This last weekend was my Cousin's college graduation and my Grandma's 78th birthday. Josiah had a great time seeing everyone. We stayed at Aunt Ninny's house which was a lot of fun. Every morning Josiah would wake up calling for Ninny-pretty cute! I wish I would've got a picture of Josiah with Ninny, but I didn't so I'll have to do it next time.
On Thursday we took Josiah to the riverfront carousel which I thought he'd love. He went on it with Nick when he was little and he didn't mind it then. He picked out his horse and sat on it, but it was taking forever for the carousel to start and so he was getting a little frustrated. Then the man running the carousel said we weren't on a horse that went up and down so we switched horses and after that he started crying and we had to sit in the covered wagon. We did get a picture of us on the first horse he picked. After the ride was over Josiah was out of there super fast. We went to the playground and he played for quite awhile, making a lot of friends as usual. It was his very last time down the slide and a bee was on his hand. I was about to hit the bee away and then Josiah closed his fist and the bee stung him. My mom quickly pulled the stinger out and killed the bee! That stupid bee, I was so angry! Josiah recovered well and didn't have much of a reaction to the sting. He showed everyone his bee sting and would tell them, "Bad bug!"
Friday we were able to head towards Woodburn to a flower farm. Every year we get my Grandma a hanging basket for her birthday. There were many animals and Josiah got to feed some goats and sit on a couple tractors. They had an International Harvester Tractor which my Grandpa collects so we had to get a picture of Josiah on the IH tractor (that one is for you Grandpa!).
Unfortunately cousin Adam was not feeling well so the boys weren't able to play together. Josiah hasn't seen Adam since September. Hopefully we will be able to get them together soon. Hope your feeling better Adam!
Saturday we celebrated Carissa's graduation and my Grandma's birthday. Josiah got to help Great Grandma blow out the candles. Josiah had a great time with Grandma, he would follow her all around the house. It was pretty cute.
We had a great weekend. Josiah is still talking about everything he did. Yesterday at Starbucks he went around to random people showing them his bee sting, it was pretty funny. He doesn't have a shy bone in his body.
Thanks Ninny for housing us and playing with Josiah-he loved seeing you. It was great to see everyone, hopefully we will make it back soon.

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