Monday, April 27, 2009

Zebras and Wallaroos

This weekend we went searching for flowers and plants to replace the horrible weed-like bushes and rose bushes. We went to a couple of the nurserys around town and we came to one that didn't have much flowers but had some fun animals. My friend had written a blog about a zebra and wallaroo being at a nursery in town but I couldn't remember where it was. I am so glad we came across it because Josiah is still talking about the zebra and wallaroo. Josiah got to pet the zebra but the wallaroo was a little shy. It was pretty funny to see a zebra wandering around the nursery wearing a pink harness.
At the nursery they had kits to plant vegetables made by VeggieTales. Josiah really wanted to buy a Larry and Bob, but we don't have an area to plant vegetables yet. I want to have a vegetable garden sometime. Josiah knows all his veggies but won't eat them on his own (I have to hide them). I had cut up a cucumber the other day and he said, "That's Larry." I was pretty surprised he knew that after it was cut up. Some day we will buy him some vegetable seeds so he can make his own Bob and Larry.
Another fun thing we did this weekend was flying a kite. We bought Josiah a frog kite and waited for some wind. Saturday was a little breazy so we headed to the neighborhood park and flew the kite. Josiah loved it! "Froggy in the sky" he would say. We had a fun weekend!

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