Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Outside Outside!"

This whole week has been sunny and beautiful outside. We've been outside almost everyday and Josiah is always asking to go "Outside!!" When we go outside he wants Nemo to come too. We bought Nemo at Walmart for less than $10 and he blows bubbles, which Josiah greatly enjoys and scares Jake. Although today Jake started to chase the bubbles and eat them-Josiah thought this was great!
A couple days ago, after I worked in the yard for two hours- which I'm never doing again pregnant. I didn't think it'd effect me, but it did and I am still sore. Stupid lawnmower! I was trying to suprise Nick. Anyway. After the yard was done and Nick got home from work, I had him bring down Josiah's huge slide climbing toy outside. Josiah loves having the "castle" outside and so do I because now I have more room in my family room.
It was fun letting him run around our backyard. He would stay outside all day if he could and he definitely lets me know when I take him inside-it's quite a battle.
I loved taking these pictures of him today because he was so willing to smile. Josiah will normally say "Cheese" and then run away. You can definitely tell he was enjoying himself

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Parker's Mommy said...

How fun! Parker was happy to be outside playing with our doggie too! He thought playing fetch with Deacon was hilarious. Glad that you are doing well. We are headed to the Tri-Cities this weekend and I am so excited. I miss home so much. Just about 2 more months!