Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sophia Lind Coleman

Josiah taking a pic of Sophia
I love Josiah's face in this picture
Sleeping Sophia

Here's some baby pictures!! When I have more time I will post some more. Sophia Lind Coleman was born on October 26 at 8:17 am. She weighed 6lb 5oz and was 18 in. long. She is a little peanut!
Josiah has loved getting to know his little sister. He loves to take pictures of her and sing her songs. It's very sweet to see him love her so much. Yesterday Sophia was moving around and she touched Josiah's face and he said, "she likes me!"
Nick and I are doing well adjusting to the new little girl. She is not a fusser at all which is great! She pretty much eats and sleeps so far which is normal for a newborn. The c-section went great but it is hard when you have a two year old running around. He wants me to hold him all the time, but I can't carry him. Sometimes I feel awful that I can't do that for him. A couple more weeks and I'll be back to normal.
We are having a lot of fun with Sophia! Thanks for all the congratulations and prayers.
Also, there is a great picture of Sophia on the hospital website. Here's the link
then click on Megan C.

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Parker's Mommy said...

How exciting! She's beautiful!