Thursday, October 22, 2009

Last pregnancy update!

I had my last OB appointment yesterday, which I am very happy about. I never enjoy them too much. Anyway...Tuesday night I was having a lot of braxton hicks contractions which started coming more regular and I got a little worried. Thankfully they went away and the doctor checked me and said everything was fine and I shouldn't go into labor before Monday. He did say the baby is not breech..finally. Although it doesn't matter because we'll be having a c-section.
I also had to head to the hospital to fill out all the necessary paperwork and get my bloodwork done.
One thing I'm bummed about is that having a c-section I don't get to hold the baby first or see Josiah's reaction to his sibling. I've told Nick that he has to wait to let Josiah hold the baby when I'm in the room and no one gets to hold the baby before me, besides Nick of course. Sorry family, but I hardly get to even see the baby before they take her away.
Only 4 days left!

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Jordan said...

I sooo understand about not getting to hold her!!!! I bawled for like 3 weeks when I found out everyone would get to see them before me. :( I'm so happy for you guys!!!! Can't wait to meet her!