Saturday, October 3, 2009

Just like Daddy

I took this picture with Nick's iphone and I can't seem to get it any bigger. Maybe I can get Nick to convert it but I think you can pretty much tell what's going on. Josiah is reading just like daddy and in the same position. Josiah chose to read a thesaurus which I'm sure was fun. I thought this was cute and had to share.
Funny story from last week. I took Josiah to get his flu shot at the doctor, which he didn't like at all. They quickly gave him a cookie and he was perfectly fine and asked for more. The doctor's wife, Mrs. Krause, made Josiah an animal balloon. Josiah loved it and couldn't believe all the treats he got for getting a shot. So later in the day I decided to take Jake (the dog) to get his shots. I told Josiah he'd have to help Jake be brave and so he went over to Jake and said, "Jake, it's okay. You get cookies and a blue balloon." I thought that was pretty funny and cute at the same time.
Baby update. I had an appointment last week and everything looks good and I'm going in for weekly appointments now. Still looks like the baby is good thing I'm already having a c-section. I've been having pain from the chostochondritis I have, but the doctor says there isn't much I can do and that the added heartburn I'm having could be making it worse. He says it should all go away once the baby is born and if not I'll need to get on anti inflammatory medication. The last couple days have been good so I am thankful for that! Sleeping has been an issue lately but I only have three weeks left and I assume it's God's way of getting me ready for the everything three hour feedings when the baby arrives.
We are excited for baby #2 and are still trying to finalize a name and get the baby room done. We had the name picked but then I see other names and get so confused. We have 4 we are playing around with...hopefully we'll be able to figure it out when she's born.

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