Thursday, June 9, 2011

Updates..sorry no pictures

Our computer is very slow or it's the internet connection..i dont know.
I've tried to upload photos several times but it takes FOREVER. 10 min and it was only at 18%.
We are loving it here in Germany. We have been going like crazy ever since we arrived here. Nick left for 10 days for Albania with the students to build medical clinics.
He came back and it has been just one event after another. It's been fun.

School's out tomorrow for the students and most of them head back to their passport country or some of them are moving back. The summer slows way down for us. We've taken the last three days to hang out in town. We found an English Library and the kids loved it!

My job for the summer is to get the house organized and finish decorating the kids' room.

Josiah starts kindergarten on Monday and he's very excited. I think he's getting to the age where mommy isn't as much fun as before. He's ready to meet new friends, but knows they only speak German. I'm told there is one English speaking boy in his class. His teachers can speak English as well but the whole point of him being in kindergarten is to learn the language.
Kindergartens here are not academic but more of a day care type setting. They said they like to train the body before they train the mind. They do a lot of play. They have a room for dancing and jumping on big mats. He'll love it.

Grocery stores aren't as hard as I imagined. There is a store here that used to be a walmart-it has everything you need. However, they have a different way of organizing where they put things. And certain things are super expensive. Poptarts are about 6 euro (probably $9). Popcorn and maple syrup are expensive too.

We go to Frankfurt in a couple weeks for a friends wedding and we are excited to see another part of the country. It's only two hours away but they call it another region of the country.

Our shipment arrives in a week!! Yay!

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