Monday, September 19, 2011

It's been awhile...

It has been awhile and with good reason. We are busy! The summer wasn't and so I have no excuse there.

The summer was pretty slow. The kids we work with went home to their passport countries. We spent most of our time planning for the coming school year and getting the house more suited for us. In July, we got to have our first house guests. Nick's parents came for two weeks and we loved it. The kids had a blast and we showed them all over Dusseldorf.

Since the end of August we have been super busy. Lots of meetings, events, and clubs every week it seems like. Keeping busy helps us get through the fact we are so far away from all our family.

We love it here but there are days I get annoyed. I miss a lot of things and conveniences. I can't wait to step into Costco and Target when we visit the states-you have no idea! I also miss me some Red Robin and grossly enough, Taco Bell.

We know we are in the right place and we are greatly enjoying YouthCompass and the kids that are involved. Our kids love the big kids too. It's great to watch them interact.

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