Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cute Stories

Josiah's vocabulary has been growing like crazy this last week. He's talking in sentences that I can understand now.
The other day he used the word "different." He was eating fortune cookies and he wanted another one so he says, "Mommy, different cookie?" Pretty funny especially because we didn't know he even knew the word.
About a week ago he was in the car with my mom and says, "Grandma, what's your name?" Exactly like that! You never know what he's gonna say and he'll copy anything you say.
Unfortunately I say "Oh gosh" sometimes. So lately, if Josiah is surprised by something or sees something cool he says, "oh gosh." He says it exactly the same as I do...same tone and everything. Not that it's horrible to say but I don't want my kid saying it in the nursery or whatever. Now we say, "Oh wow!" or "Oh no!"
Anyway...those are a couple of new stories.

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