Thursday, June 18, 2009

Josiah's moving rooms

Nick and I have been spending this week trying to get Josiah into his new room. Nick's done a great job of putting his bed together and organizing all the junk we had in the guest room.
I have been going through Josiah's room trying to find all his baby stuff that I can use for the new baby (monitors, bathing stuff, towels, burp rags, etc.). I also found a couple sleepers that could be worn by a girl although that hasn't stopped me from shopping =0).
The crib bedding I got for Josiah was gender neutral so I'm gonna just use that one again. Throughout this process Josiah has been going through the boxes with me and thinks it is all for him again and just can't stop his excitement.
That picture is of him in mittens, a ski cap and
some thick winter socks; He wore it for most of
the day today.

Since Nick had finished putting Josiah's bed together I figured I'd try and seeif he'd go down for his nap in it. After forty-five minutes of having me get up and get him whichever animal he wanted he finally fell asleep with his penguin.
It seems unreal that it will no longer be the three of us in four months. I think we are going to take a vacation just the three of us before it gets crazy around here.

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Hey Megan,

It's Sara (Jamie's sister). Congrats on the new little one. I just wanted to pipe in and vote for the "just the 3 of you vacation." Chip and I took just Caleb to San Diego right before I got pregs with Drayson (caleb was like 2 1/2) and he LOVED it...still talks about when "just we" went. Kids are so sweet!