Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Baking!

I have never really enjoyed baking. I would've rather cooked a thousand meals before baking a cake. I don't really know why. But this Christmas, I have found a new love for baking. It's probably because I have a little helper named Josiah.
He's helped me make lots of cookies and also helped Grandma Patterson frost and sprinkle sugar cookies(I will post pictures soon). He loved putting sprinkles on the cookies and he would do it so delicately.
Now that he's getting older, he likes to help Mommy rather than destroy what Mommy is doing. It is amazing how fast he's growing up. His vocabulary has grown immensely within this last week. His newest thing is calling me Mom, instead of Mommy. It makes me feel like he's a teenager. It is pretty funny though.

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