Thursday, December 18, 2008

"I love you Frosty!"

Josiah has a new best friend. Not that he had a best friend before. Although I guess I would consider Thomas the Train his favorite thus far. Last night, Josiah was given a Frosty the Snowman from Grannie and Granddad.

For the last week Josiah has been watching the old Christmas movies on TV. His favorite is Frosty the Snowman and he talks about him all the time. When he got his own Frosty, he was so excited and hasn't let him go since.

I let him watch Frosty the Snowman last night and he immediately took his Frosty and sat it down right next to him. He was hugging it the whole time! He slept with him last night. Then, this morning, he was eating waffles and decided Frosty was hungry. He says to me, "Frosty the Snowman bite." So he gave Frosty some waffles. It was pretty funny.

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